Meeting Schedule 2023-2024

Department Meetings and Other Events 23-24

  • The meetings are mandatory to Cramim program's student
  • The students of the department, that are not part of Cramim's program, must participate in two events each semester in addition to the tours
  • There may be changes in the meeting schedule during the year

:First semester






Sunday 31 Dec. 2023

Introductory meeting and provide tools for resilience

Sunday 7 Jan. 2024

Screening of the film "Barren" followed by a discussion with the film's creator, Rabbi Mordechai Vardi

Room 142
The lecture will be in English

Sunday 21 Jan. 2024

Prof. Adam Ferziger: When Ben-Gurion went to Rabbinical school: A little Known Chapter in the Relationship between American Jews and Israel.
At the end of the tour, continue normal studies at the university.


Sunday, 4 Feb. 2024

Departmental tour of Jerusalem
Room 142 18:00-19:30 Monday, 19 Feb. 2024 Prof. Yaron Harel – The Unique Leadership of Rabbis in the Islamic Countries .
Room 142 19:30-21:00 Sunday, 10 March  2024

Activity for Purim


:Second Semester

  Time  Date Description
Room 142 19:30-21:00

Sunday, 5 May. 2024

Prof. Zehavit Gross –Holocaust Remembrance day.

Room 142 19:30-21:00

Sunday, 19 May. 2024

Between Academia and Yeshiva- Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Altschuler and Prof. Arnon Atzmon IN conversation 

Room 142 19:30-21:00

Sunday, 9 June 2024

Prof. Yigal Levin - Shavuot

Feldman Hall  

Monday, 17 June 2024

Departmental International Conference – Midrash Aggadah  a Multidisciplinary Perspective

Whol center   Wensday, 26 June 2024 Degree awarding ceremony

Sunday , 30 June 2024

Departmental tour of Ancient Caesarea

Building 410, third floor, meeting room

19:30-21:00 Sunday, 14 July 2024 Prof. Shmuel Raphael, Dean of the Faculty of Jewish Studies –  will hold a summary meeting for Cramim students only