Jewish Culture - hybrid program

The “Jewish Culture” Track – open for registration for the 2023 spring semester and for 2023-2024.

The Jewish Culture program is a hybrid and structured program that allows the student to attain a broad view of Jewish culture and of the issues that are relevant in Israel and in world Jewry, through the lens of Jewish Studies.

The program is aimed at a broad audience that is interested in varied and relevant Jewish content, in a concentrated and convenient format, leading to a B.A. in Jewish Studies from Bar-Ilan University. The program takes advantage of the various possibilities for teaching in the modern world


And is concentrated in two teaching days a week (one in person, the other by Zoom/online) except for the spring semester 2023 (in which classes will be held in person on Sundays and Tuesdays).

Single major

Track 17104 (Hebrew)

Course of Studies

The program includes 46 credits (in the program and 10 credits in Basic Jewish Studies (which will usually be taken in one of the departments in the Faculty, unless the department allows the student to take them in the School of Basic Jewish Studies) and 8 credits general studies.

Field Trips

All students in the department are required to participate in two field trips each year. Note: Each student is required to make sure that s.he completes the general university degree requirements: general studies to complete 64 credits for the degree, English or Hebrew according to the university guidelines. These classes are not part of the department program, and the department has no connection with them.

To view the class schedule through the link.

*It is possible to make personal adjustments by permission of the head of the department.

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