Admission Requirements for the Multidisciplinary BA in Jewish Studies

Admission is based on one of the following:

  • SAT scores only (+ high school diploma)
  • GPA scores (+ high school diploma) for eligible countries
  • Combination of GPA for eligible countries + SAT.

Fluency in English: All applicants from non-English-speaking countries need to take an English proficiency test.

Applicants to Sadot with an average of under 90 on their Bagrut exams (Israel’s high school-level matriculation exams) must also take the psychometric exam (Israel’s equivalent to the SAT) and will be evaluated based on their combined scores.

Applicants with 90 and over on their Bagrut exams will be accepted without the psychometric exam.

Applicants to Cramim must have:

-          A minimum grade of 650 on their psychometric exam and

-          An average of 10.0 on their Bagrut exams

-          Applicants with 10.9 and over on their Bagrut exams will be accepted without the psychometric exam.

In the event that the bagrut grades are outstanding, a student might be accepted on the basis of a verbal test and without the need for psychometric grades. Graduates of non-Israeli high schools will be evaluated according to the standard Bar-Ilan equivalency standards. 

All Cramim candidates will also be invited to a personal interview as a condition of entry to the program.


Applicants to both programs must fill out the Bar-Ilan application forms and write “The Multidisciplinary Department in Jewish Studies” as either a dual-major or as a single major.

Additionally, applicants are advised to contact the department to make sure that their applications are processed quickly.

Applicants to Cramim must also send an email to the department with a CV and a 1-2 page essay describing an event,  a text that they read, or a person that they met who had a pivotal influence their life. Applicants will be invited for an interview after tthese materials have been received.

For all the data you need to know in order to submit to Bar-Ilan click here.                     

For additional details, please contact:                          

Department office:

Professor Arnon Atzmon:

Dr. Tova Ganzel:

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