Study Programs

Is Our Program Right For You?

This BA is perfect for students who are interested in a wide range of subjects within the field of Jewish Studies, but don’t want to be limited to one area and would like to explore questions from all relevant angles. If, for example, you are interested in the development of the synagogue, you can study the architectural aspects in the Archaeology Department, the liturgical aspects in the Talmud Department, the philosophical aspects in the Jewish Philosophy Department, and the historical aspects in the Department of Jewish History.

Pick any other topic in the field of Jewish Studies and imagine being able to study it at length, and in depth, with the finest scholars, students, and academic resources at your fingertips. If that’s the experience you want, the Multidisciplinary BA is right for you.

Cramim Track 1: “Concentrations” Track

Students seeking an introductory-based, wide-ranging education in Jewish Studies will have a world of stimulating options opened to them. These students will take concentrations of introductory and advanced courses in three or four of the nine departments within the Faculty (Bible, Talmud, Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry, Hebrew and Semitic Languages, Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology, Jewish Art, Jewish Philosophy, Hebrew Literature and Middle Eastern Studies). They will also have their pick of a wide range of elective courses. This choice of concentrations will give the participants a broad intellectual underpinning if  they choose to proceed to graduate studies in any of these fields.

Cramim Track 2: Individual Themes

This track will offer exceptional students the opportunity to delve deeply into either one or two specific topics of their choice. The program of study will be developed in consultation with the heads of Cramim, who will assist the student in designing the appropriate academic program. Topics of study may include Ancient Judaism, Diaspora Communities, Women in Jewish Society, archaeology of the Land of Israel, Jewish ritual and worship, Jewish literature, Jewish languages and more. Students will take introductory and advanced-level courses in the various departments of the Faculty of Jewish Studies, with a concentration of classes and seminars that are relevant to their topic of choice. Such an individualized and multidisciplinary track of study for a BA is unique to our program.

The Cramim program’s teaching certification for Israeli public schools will include group instruction, mediation, chavriuta–style study, independent study and practical experience in the field. This option will be offered to all Cramim students.

Why Should You Be Interested in Cramim?

The Cramim program is unique, in that it is the only academic honors program that is geared specifically towards academic Jewish Studies, with both an understanding of Jewish tradition and the full range of critical, cutting-edge academic research. The curriculum combines broad academic knowledge with intensive practical experience. Graduates of the program will be able to complete their teaching certificates and enter the world of formal or informal education, with an emphasis on varied aspects of Jewish studies – or to pursue graduate and PhD studies in any of the many fields of Jewish studies, engaging in research or in community leadership.

Cramim is geared toward students who wish to invest their university years in significant and immersive study. We seek thoughtful students, who desire the environment of discourse cultivated by seminar classes with the finest lecturers in their fields. It is most geared toward students who wish to accumulate writing experience in the early years of the BA degree, who want to assist in scholarly research, and who will contribute to a creative learning environment. We welcome students interested in new opportunities, and especially students who want to join us in building a successful and stimulating new intellectual venture.

We believe that the innovative multidisciplinary advantages of the Cramim program will attract highly-motivated and excellent students. The students in the program will be exposed to life-changing learning opportunities and be part of a cadre of thoughtful young leaders, inspired by the riches of Jewish civilization. 

The Jewish Culture Track:

The Jewish Culture program is a hybrid and structured program that allows the student to attain a broad view of Jewish culture and of the issues that are relevant in Israel and in world Jewry, through the lens of Jewish Studies.

The program is aimed at a broad audience that is interested in varied and relevant Jewish content, in a concentrated and convenient format, leading to a B.A. in Jewish Studies from Bar-Ilan University. The program takes advantage of the various possibilities for teaching in the modern world


And is concentrated in two teaching days a week (one in person, the other by Zoom/online) except for the spring semester 2023 (in which classes will be held in person on Sundays and Tuesdays).